Sandvik DX800, DX780 delivered to remote arctic mining operation


In February 2014 RECON was approached by a new customer who needed to purchase two drill rigs and have them delivered to their remote arctic mine site. Upon discussing production estimates, machine availability, cost and delivery time – a Sandvik DX800 and Sandvik DX780 were determined to be the right rigs for the job. The challenge for the RECON team would be delivering the two drill rigs to the polar destination on schedule, fully serviced and capable of exceeding the daily drilling expectations in such extreme conditions.

Together with the customer, we decided to charter a 747 from Amsterdam for the Sandvik DX800 and Sandvik DX780 to an airport in Canada where the drilling rigs would be transferred to two Hercules aircraft, capable of landing on a short, frozen runway. The DX780 and DX800 drills needed to be disassembled to meet dimension requirements – and that’s when things got interesting! The feedbeams, super structures and under carriages needed to be separated and packed individually for the flight across the Atlantic. In order to make things as straight forward as possible for the mechanics at the mine site, RECON painstakingly labeled every hose and line for their re-connection.  EVERY ONE.

The Sandvik drills were transported from the RECON workshop to our freight company for repacking.  The requirements for air freight shipping (exact dimensions, specific weight allowances, complete immobility during flight etc.) were complex but each was met and our shipping schedule was maintained.

… and finally the DX780 and DX800 were on their way to the arctic. Everyone involved in the process did a great job from our mechanics and managers at RECON, to the multiple transport companies and freight agents, to the ground crew at the airport. Thank you.

The Sandvik DX800 and DX780 arrived at the remote mining operation, were reassembled seamlessly and drilling within days due to RECON’s attention to detail and insistence upon superior handling, packing and shipping procedures. We are ready for the next challenge – anywhere in the world – so contact RECON today and let’s get started.