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Sandvik DR500 Series – All You Need to Know

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A high powered DTH drill, the Sandvik DR500 series replaces the Cubex QXR range. The DR500 Series DTH drills are known for their high performance, durability, and cost effectiveness.

If you are in the drilling industry, you will have heard about the DR540, the DR560, and the DR580. Built for continuous drilling in adverse, often difficult conditions, the machines are designed for structural durability and ease of maintenance. Sandvik also offers the world’s widest range of tools and accessories for DTH drilling. In addition, Sandvik’s global support network benefits the drill owner in countless ways – anywhere in the world.

Where the Sandvik DR500 series really scores is by keeping you on top of your production schedule by maximizing drilling time and minimizing down time. You can count on these rigs for years to come and DR (past Cubex QXR) owners tend to be loyal to the model and are almost always repeat buyers when it comes to adding to their inventory.

Let’s have a look at what the DR500 series offers in terms of specs. There is the operating pressure of up to 34,5 bar (500 psi) that is useful if you are planning to carry out drilling in hard rock that requires a higher penetration rate. The rigs offer high air volume for drilling in softer rocks and which enables much more efficient hole-flushing. It’s also easy for the operator to select between the lower pressure and higher air volume from the DR500 cabin itself.

The DR500 series is diesel-powered, self-propelled and sports a very comfortable, safe cabin for a boom-mounted rig . The drills are easy to maneuver and there are plenty of options to choose from as well. The DR500 line is highly versatile in its uses – from deep drilling to horizontal dewatering. The downtime is minimum and helps you reduce scheduling problems. Here is a look at the three different rigs under the DR500 series.

The DR540

If you are looking for pre-split drilling and RC in-grade control, the DR540 is your natural choice. With a drilling performance that’s sure to maximize your productivity, the DR540 performs well when drilling smaller holes. The DR540 has a boom-mounted cab and has a hole diameter range of 115 to 203 mm.


The DR560

The DR560 is your choice if you are looking for a rig with for higher pressure, perfect when you are working at high altitudes or need to drill larger holes than the DR540. The DR560 is easier to move over rugged terrain too and has a hole diameter of 115 to 216 mm.


The DR580

The DR580 has the highest air pressure in its class and is excellent for working in higher altitudes. These rigs offer the maximum penetration depth and are well-known for their efficiency. Capable of everything from pre-split and horizontal drilling to RC grade control, the DR580 is well-rounded and highly versatile.