The Sandvik DI550 Drill

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Most manufacturers are already working hard to give their customers more drill meterage for every gallon of fuel they use, making it hard for decision makers to differentiate between products from various suppliers. But, using contemporary engine technology and over 50 years’ experience developing drilling solutions, They have placed the Sandvik DI550 down-the-hole drill ahead of its competitors, providing leading productivity standards without sacrificing any features or user comfort.

The Sandvik DI550 was developed to compete as a mid-sized mining machine,” says Scott Denton, Owner at Recon Drills, a leading distributor of pre-owned drilling systems in the USA. “It is larger than the FlexiROC D55 from Atlas Copco by featuring more drilling depth, but it isn’t quite as big as the SmartROC D65, which can operate a DTH hammer of up to 8 inches in diameter. The Sandvik DI550 perfectly combines speed and size to achieve incomparable performance levels in mid-range down-the-hole drilling applications.”

It features the 328 kW Caterpillar C13 diesel engine which drives a 24,4 m3 compressor raising the air pressure up to 24 bar – perfect for powering drilling hammers anywhere between 3 ½ and 6 ½ inches in diameter. While the tier-3 version of this engine makes an appearance in the system’s closest competitors from Atlas Copco, the tier-4 version of the Sandvik DI550 generates fewer emissions, is quieter and also provides advantages in service and maintenance while reducing overall downtime and risk of failure.

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Engineers have further included technology like active diesel rpm control, active control of the compressor’s running temperature and diesel rpm optimization for the operator to toggle while the drill is running, but Sandvik says that it’s the perfect match between the drive system and the hammer that ensures all-out energy utilization that translates directly into lower fuel consumption.

Since its introduction to the market in 2011, the drill has proven to be up to 40% lighter on fuel than other machines commonly used in production drilling, quarrying, mine development and pit-wall applications. The fact that the machine delivers incredible performance standards while still able to support systems like the optional telescopic boom, inclination measurement system, hammer service tool and reverse camera, has made the Sandvik DI550 the top contender for companies looking to reduce their day-to-day drilling expenses without influencing usability or drilling speed,” says Scott.

Making the Sandvik DI550 powerful enough for nearly any situation, it includes a new kind of heavy-duty rotary head which, unlike the more traditional systems, supplies maximum rotary torque of 4,320 Nm in drilling functions and up to 7,000 Nm in thread opening functions. “All of this technology and power is supported by unique automation system run by can-bus data lines. This makes the machine easier to use and reduces the risk of human error,” says Scott.

Sandvik also understands that operator comfort improves overall productivity in the field. This is why the Sandvik DI550 features a noise-proof and vibration-free cabin with certified ROPS and FOPS. The laminate window helps to reduce glare and, combined with the front window grille, significantly improves the operators’ safety in even the harshest drilling environments. Other standard features like air conditioning and machine stabilization further help to boost productivity.

The Sandvik DI550 has been optimized to keep running. Its 238-gallon fuel tank reduces the need for time-consuming refueling, and a patented Wiggins fast fueling option is available for applications where every minute of downtime affects profitability. Maintenance and service teams benefit from highly accessible component layouts, fewer maintenance points throughout the machine and computer-aided diagnostics.


For more information on the DI550 from Sandvik, view the brochure.

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