Safe, Productive and Easy to Use – Where does the Pantera DI6400 score?

Sandvik DI6400

Sandvik DI6400

Sandvik’s second offering this year has been the introduction of a new down the hole drill rig, the Pantera DI6400. The Pantera DI6400, designed for vertical and inclined drilling, will be a valuable asset to companies with varying mining needs.

The DI6400 has increased automation options and production capacity which were not found in the earlier Sandvik Pantera lines. In fact, this Down-the-Hole (DTH) drill platform was the winner in the Red Dot Award Product Design Category, garnering the highest marks from 40 expert jury members. The competition had machines from all over the world and the DI6400 outperformed them all.

How useful is it?

The DI6400 can bore holes up to 45 metres deep and is a great option for pit development and production drilling. The DI6400 also has a longer service life providing less maintenance and a more stable service regimen. Surprisingly, there is a lower maintenance cost but an increase in drilling efficiency. According to Sandvik, the design team reduced fuel consumption to such a degree that the DI6400 is said to be the greenest blasthole drill rig currently available in today’s market.

The right solution

The DI6400 has better process control and optimization, which makes all aspects of a drilling routine more comfortable and productive for the operator, in addition to the consistent, familiar interior design and aesthetically pleasing exterior.

The jury of experts for the Red Dot Design Award stated that the DI6400 recorded exceptional performance capability in every single category. The drilling features are highly impressive and the interior is very comfortable while still offering a remarkable level of safety for its occupant. Sandvik states that the DI6400 can save up to 20% on fuel consumption when compared to other conventional systems. There are three options available depending on different mining needs; Silver, Gold or Platinum. For example, the Gold option comes equipped with features such as Automatic Feed Alignment and TIM3D navigation.