The Top 5 Bulldozer Manufacturers you should know about

Bulldozers (or dozers) are crawlers equipped with blades made of substantial metal. The blades are for pushing large quantities of sand, rubble, soil or other material during mining or construction works. At the rear, dozers are equipped with rippers (claw-like devices) for loosening compacted soil and rocks.


Although most people, loosely and erroneously, use the term “bulldozer” to refer to any heavy machinery, the term should only be used to refer to tractors fitted with dozer blades.

Dozers are common machinery in engineering projects, mines, military bases and quarries.

Due to increased demand for bulldozers from the mining and construction industries, there has been an increase in the number of manufacturing bulldozers manufacturers.

The following are some bulldozer manufacturers and some of the dozers they manufacture:


Founded in 1925, caterpillar is one of the oldest manufacturers of heavy machinery. Dozers manufactured by caterpillar go by the brand name Cat®. The Cat® brand is the cornerstone of the Caterpillar brand portfolio.

Although Caterpillar was founded in 1925, ‘cat®’ was never used as a trademark until 1949.

For large and small, mining and finishing works, you can certainly find a CAT bulldozer to match your needs. Caterpillar’s unique selling preposition is “Built For It”.

Dozers by caterpillar are classified into small, medium and large dozers. The following are the classes and some of the bulldozers contained therein.

Small Dozers

The small dozers from Cat® are optimized for speed, versatility, maneuverability, transportability, and finishing grade accuracy. The dozers in this class are perfect for residential construction.

In the mining industry, the bulldozers in this class are perfect for such tasks as mine driveway construction, clearing and grading roads.

Some of the dozers in this class are:

The Cat® D4K2 Track-Type Tractor The Cat® D3K2 Track-Type Tractor The Cat® D5K2 Track-Type Tractor
Alternator 12 volt, 120 Amp, heavy duty 12 volt, 120 Amp, heavy duty 12 volt, 120 Amp, heavy duty
Batteries Two, heavy duty, maintenance free, 750 CCA Two, heavy duty, maintenance free, 750 CCA Two, heavy duty, maintenance free, 900 CCA
Horn Electric Electric Electric
Lights Halogen, 2 front and 2 rear Halogen, 2 front and 2 rear Halogen, 2 front and 2 rear
Starter Electric Electric, 12 volt Electric, 12 volt
Hydraulics 3 valve, load sensing, pump and oil 3 valve, load sensing, pump and oil 3 valve, load sensing, pump and oil
Blade Stable control Stable control Stable control
Single lever Three function control Three function control Three function control

Medium dozers

The dozers in this class range from 130 to 310 horsepower. These bulldozers are perfect for a wide range of mining and construction jobs – from first pass to finish grade. They do offer incredible versatility and a world-class performance.

Some of the Caterpillar dozers in this class are D6K, D6K2 (Tier 4 interim/stage IIIB), D6N (Tier 4 interim/stage IIIB), D6T (Tier 4 interim/stage IIIB), D7E (U.S Tier 4 interim/EU stage IIIB/ Japan MLIT step 4) and more.

Large Dozers

The over 310 horsepower caterpillar bulldozers in this class are designed for demanding work. They are engineered for tough working conditions. The bulldozers’ elevated sprockets simplify maintenance, reduce downtime and increase productivity.
The dozers are ideal for heavy construction and mining works. They keep material moving with reliability and low operating costs.
Some of dozers in this class are D8T (Tier 4 interim/stage IIIB), D9T, D10T, D11T/ D11T CD Tier 4 Final, D10T2 and more.

Komatsu Crawler Dozers

Established in 1921, Komatsu Ltd is a diversified manufacturer of industrial machinery. The company is among the industrial leaders in the field of mining and construction equipment manufacturers.
Among the Komatsu’s construction and mining equipment are the Komatsu bulldozers – tractors that pushes earth and rocks with a blade.

Some of the dozers manufactured by Komatsu are D21A-8E0, D31EX-22, D37EX-22, D39EX-22, D51EX-22, D61EX-15E0, D63E-12, D65E-12, D65EX-16, D65WX-16, D68ESS-12, D85ESS-2, D85ESS-2A, D85EX-15E0 D85EX-15R, D155A-2A and more.
The manufacturer’s unique selling proposition is “A worldwide source for all your heavy equipment needs.”

John Deere Bulldozers

John Deere’s selling proposition is “Committed to those linked to the land”

Founded in 1868 by John Deere and Charles Deere, John Deere is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of agricultural, mining and construction machinery in the world.

John Deere bulldozers are characterized by automatic load sensing, dynamic braking, dual-path hydrostatics, and power management.

The dozers by John Deere are grouped into three classes as follows.
i)    Under 105 horsepower
The bulldozers help you push productivity to the next level and include 450J, 550K, and 650K dozers.
ii)    105- 205 horsepower
This group is for simply advanced dozers by John Deere. The machinery in this class include 700K, 750K, 850K, and 850KWH dozers.
iii)    Over 205 horsepower
This class of John Deere bulldozers will help you push to the limits. In this class, you will find 950J, 1050J, 950JWH, and 1050J WH dozers.

Liebherr Bulldozers

The Liebherr Group is a German equipment manufacturer based in Switzerland. The group specializes in the manufacture of mining and construction equipment, aircraft parts, and cranes.
Some of the bulldozers manufactured by Liebherr are Liebherr PR 764 Litronic bulldozer, Liebherr PR 754 Litronic Bulldozer, Liebherr PR 724 & PR734 Litronic Bulldozer, and Liebherr PR 744 Litronic Bulldozer.


PR 734 Litronic

PR 744 Litronic

PR 754 Litronic

PR 764 Litronic

Engine output 150 kW/204 HP
(ISO 9249)
185 kW/252 HP
(ISO 9249)
250 kW/340 HP
(ISO 9249)
310 kW/422 HP
(ISO 9249)
Operating weight 20,388 – 24,961 kg 24,605 – 31,669 kg 35,000 – 40,800 kg 44,220 – 52,685 kg
Blade capacity 3.80 – 5.56 m³ 4.90 – 7.20 m³ 8.90 – 11.7 m³ 13.6 – 17 m³
Travel speed 0 – 11 km/h 0 – 11 km/h 0 – 11 km/h 0 – 11 km/h

 Nanjing bulldozers

Nanjing Construction Machinery Co. Ltd is a leading exporter and supplier of agricultural, mining and construction equipment from China.

The company’s unique selling preposition is “Tell us what you need and we will try to help.”

The following are some of the dozers manufactured by Nanjing: 1. PD165Y-1 165 HP, PD220Y-1 220 HP, PD320Y-1 320 HP, PD410Y-1 410 HP, SD7 bulldozer 230 HP, SD8B bulldozer 330 HP, SD9 bulldozer 430 HP.

Dressta Dozers

Dressta bulldozers are made with the power and control to offer optimum performance. The key features of these dozers are: 2-speed steering; ripper attachments; and strong modular power train system.

Some of the dozers from Dressta are TD-7R, TD-8R, TD-9R, and TD-10R bulldozers.