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Top hammer drilling vs. Down-the-hole drilling


Top hammer vs. DTH Drilling

If you’re considering buying a new rock drill for your project or company, there are a number of things to take into consideration before taking the plunge. Rock and mining site conditions, budgets, anticipated future projects, noise, desired hole dimensions, existing equipment and available time are all factors that you should take into account before making that purchase. We’re going to outline some of the major differences between top hammer, or drifter drills, and down-the-hole, in-the-hole, or DTH drills.

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The Top 5 Bulldozer Manufacturers you should know about

Bulldozers (or dozers) are crawlers equipped with blades made of substantial metal. The blades are for pushing large quantities of sand, rubble, soil or other material during mining or construction works. At the rear, dozers are equipped with rippers (claw-like devices) for loosening compacted soil and rocks.


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